Melting, casting, welding, annealing, harding and tempering of metals

The Induction Mini Casting Machine MC 15

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Induction casting machine MC15, overall view

Although this installation is small, it can cast 60 to 100 g of substance in one melting cycle, depending on the density of the precious metal. The reserve of resources is also sufficient: an induction generator of 3.5 kW. melts the material in a few seconds. Heating takes place under vacuum, the casting passes under the pressure of the protective gas, so the metal is not oxidized and air pores are excluded. The temperature is reached 2000 ° C, which makes it possible to melt platinum and white gold.

Induction casting machine MC15, with knob rotated to another position

The installation can also used with the lid open, I harden so the metals.

Induction casting machine MC15, safety signs

For this device, a vacuum pump, protective gas (argon or nitrogen) and cooling for an induction generator are needed. In order not to depend on the tap water and the sewage system, I made a closed cooling system. I managed it with the help of simple and quite affordable facilities that can be found in the heating system: a pump, a manometer, a filter with a crane, a radiator and hoses. For long-term use of this cooling is not enough, but for a small amount of work is enough. You can, of course, further improve the cooling by equipping the radiator with a fan or by increasing the number of sections.

Induction casting machine MC15, cooling Induction casting machine MC15, vacuum pump

Technical data Mini Casting Machine MC 15:

Handling and control:

  • digitales Display
  • automatic vacuum function
  • automatic overpressure function
  • function washing by inert gas
  • temperature measurement/control


  • Induction Power approximately 2000°C
  • 500 3,5 kw


  • 230V 1 phase 16 A
  • Water Out pressureless
  • Water In 2.5 bar, 10-20°C
  • Vacuum min 8 m²/h, less than 10 mbar

Capacity, crucible volume:

  • 100 g. Au 18 k
  • 110 g. stainless steel
  • 200 g. Pt
  • flask up to Ø 30/50/65/80 mm × 80 mm H


  • flasks
  • crucibles
  • cooling
  • vacuum pump
  • protective gas

Weights and Dimensions:

  • Length 400 mm
  • Width 420 mm
  • Height 400 mm
  • Weight approx. 40 kg

Muffle furnace

The electric oven with a temperature sensor serves for the melting of non-ferrous metals and the hardening of steel parts. So can be withstand the desired temperature.

Muffle furnace


Non-ferrous metals I weld with the device Lampert PUK-1.