Optical devices

By making very small parts for the watch is need the magnifying devices for a work and a controll the part. These are a loupes, a profile projector and stereomicroscopes.


Stereomicroscope Olympus SZ 61 TR

Stereomicroscope Olympus SZ 61 TR, overall view

This device has a high image quality and great depth of sharpness. This 2005 release microscope, it is the new generation of the SZ series.

Stereomicroscope Olympus SZ 61 TR

Along with greater clarity and sufficient illumination, optics provide a much better resolution. The microscope has a zoom that works with an increase from 6.7 to 45 times in conjunction with 10-fold oculars.

Chronometer wheel

The tripod is equipped with LED light or transmitted light.

Chronometer wheel

The trinocular optical unit on the tripod allows you to set different types of photo / video cameras to take photos or videos and document your work.

Stereomicroscope Olympus SZ II

Stereomicroscope Olympus SZ II, overall view

Microscope Olympus SZ II from the 80's. Its optics give a clear and minimally distorted picture, in addition, you can work with not very good lighting, in practice this is a plus. The Olympus SZ II has a Zoom, so in combination with 20-fold eyepieces it can increase from 14 to 80 times. Such a high 80-fold increase is necessary, for example, to check the thread M0.5 just made. In the process, a microscope is necessary to every operation: drilling, finishing or assembling.