Workshop of precision mechanics


Welcome in my workshop of the watchmaker tools!

Manufacturing watches, though difficult, but interesting and creative process. First you need to understand the clock device. For three years I read a lot of special literature in both Russian and German. I learned the terminology and clockwork.

At first I had a simple and small lathe with a little precision, and it seemed that it was quite normal. But after meeting with professional watchmakers it became clear that me need a machine that produces parts with greater accuracy and quality. I bought Schaublin.

Then I managed to get competent advice from the seller of the tools of the watch industry. Here, I could already decide what and which manufacturers best suited me. I have already some experience and ideas. As a result, gradually and constantly replenishes my tool park. All the machines and tools presented below are in working condition and serve me for the manufacture of parts.

These are machines from different industries: precision mechanics, watchmaking, manufacture of tools, jewelry, stomatology and laboratory equipment.

Production of raw parts

Further processing

Shimadzu Vickers Microhardness Tester Type M, Japan

Finishing (finissage)

Sandblasting apparat with 4 barrels Harnisch+Rieth P-G 400

Special watchmaker tool