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Schaublin 70




At the age of 5, my mother took me to a music school.

Schaublin 70

At the age of 11, the conscious period of my biography began. I began to visit the airplane club and art school, leaving music school in oblivion. In 2000, I participated in the regional exhibition "The handyman of the New Millennium", got a prize and was awarded a one-week trip to Velegozh (a tourist base in the Tula region). In 2001, I successfully finished the art school.

I paint the ikon

A year later our family moves to Germany. First was a language course, then a gymnasium, and finally an architectural faculty in university in Frankfurt am Main. And then a variety is introduced in this process: after the first semester, the student dress had to be changed to Bundeswehr boots.

In 2006 he began to make the case Longcase Clock for Longcase Clock. This art object can, in a sense, be called an "experimental-universal" connection of many techniques: carving wood, bone, stone, intarsia, inlay.

I paint the Internation Portrait

Since March 2008 I began to help in the creation of articles onWatch-Wiki, and since 2010 I am one of its administrators.

The interest club of Saxon watchmaking art in Glashütte gave me another boost and I was able to develop further. My Workshop got first industrial machines. Im Jahre 2009 begann ich die Arbeit an dem In 2009, I started work on the project of an ivory clockwork . One year later I was able to produce the first parts for this work by hand.

In 2011, Mr. Marco Lang, the owner manufactory Lang & Heyne asked if I can imagine that one day there will be L&H an ivory clock "the "Alexander Babel project" with Lang & Heyne. In March 2012, one copy was already ready and in a couple of weeks at the opening of the watch salon "Hartding 1903" the first such watch were presented.

Constructor Graffiti Workshop 2004, InterCityHotel, Erfurt


Alexander Babel - father

Alexander Babel - father

born 17.01.1960 died 09.11.1987

By profession, he was a musician (violin, piano).

Artur Babel - grandfather

Artur Babel - grandfather

born. 19.06.1924 died 23.10.2009

He was an electrician by profession. He worked all his life at the production association "Azot". When he was younger, he participated in the establishment of a Christmas tree in the central square of Novomoskovsk.

The article in the newspaper from 1976, telling about the Soviet planned economy and the brigade of Alexei (Arthur) Iosifovich.

Article in the newspaper about the grandfather's brigade

Joseph Babel - great grandfather

Joseph Babel - great grandfather

born 1896 shoot 5.03.1938 (rehabilitated)

He was a turner by profession.

Certificate of the honorable man of the sovchos under number 1

This is his certificate of the honorable man of the sovchos under number 1. Issued January 1, 1936 for high productivity on the lathe Krause and for exemplary public work in the shop. Two years later in 1938 he was arrested and sentenced to be shot as an enemy of the nation. In the nineties, he was rehabilitated posthumously.

Skorobogatov Pavel - maternal grandfather

Skorobogatov Pavel - maternal grandfather

born 25.01.1931 died 02.02.1964

He was a barrel maker by profession.

Military service in Kamchatka.

He served in Kamchatka.

The ship ILYICH

On the ship "Ilyich" after demobilization sailed from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Vladivostok. The ship was built in 1933 at the "Blohm + Voss" shipyard in Hamburg (Germany), in 1981 it was decommissioned and sawn.
"I was traveling on this ship after demobilization from Kamchatka to Vladivostok. 17.10.54. at 20 o'clock sailed away, 22.10.54. at 10 o'clock moored."

Comment on the photo The ship ILYICH Grandfather builds a house in Novosybkov

Photos of the art school period

With principal of the art school Pichugin Sergei Nikolaevich The art school, my classmates The art school with Milutina Ludmila Stanislavovna The art school, graduate works The art school The art school, graduate work The art school, Pichugin Sergei Nikolaevich hands in a diploma