The lathe Schaublin 70

Delémont (Suisse)

Charles Shaublin in 1915 founded in Mallre (Malleray), Switzerland, the company SCHAUBLIN for the watch industry. Now this is high-precision lathe - the classic for a watchmaker but not only for.

The lathe Schaublin 70, katalog 1962

This precision lathe is a classic in watchmaking. It has many accessories, which makes it as flexible and versatile as possible. Since its introduction in the market, the Schaublin 70 has remained almost unchanged, this indicates the completeness of its advantages and practicality.

Perforated-disc dividing attachment with 4 discs for headstocks, Faceplate Ø 138 mm, vertical slide The lathe Schaublin 70, Lever-operated quick-closing for headstocks, Screw-operated carriage

I have a model in 1962. There is a belt tensioner for milling, a vertical and a cross slide. For the clamping of the incisors, I use the construction of a quick-change tool holder of the "tripan" type. To manually move the tool is a attachment, which is installed and fixed in any desired position on the frame.

The lathe Schaublin 70, Perforated-disc dividing attachment with 4 discs for headstocks

To manufacture the gears or rim of screw balance, i.e. parts that need to be divided along the circumference, is need the dividing device.

The lathe Schaublin 70, vertical slide

To carve the grooves for the gears in platinum, you need a faceplate. This is a disk with holes, is mounted on the spindle of the machine tool. In the faceplate with bolts or clamps using a centering microscope fixes the workpiece.

The four-jaw and six-jaw chuck are also important devices. Collets type W12 in different sizes make it possible to work faster and more accurately. They fit both the headstock spindle and the tailstock.

The lathe Schaublin 70, Hand rest with T-Support, 6-jaws chuck, Ø 100 mm on W-12 arbor, for internal grinding, 3-jaw chuck with 2 sets of 3 jaws

An additional advantage for the accessories of the lathe Schaublin 70 is that they are suitable for the machines of other firms (Asiera, Gauser).

The lathe Schaublin 70, Lever-operated carriage The lathe Schaublin 70, Lever-operated carriage The lathe Schaublin 70, revolver The lathe Schaublin 70, vertical slide (old and new version) The lathe Schaublin 70, vertical slide (old and new version) Open headstock, Closer for gripping stepped chuck W-12, Quick-change tool holder TRIPAN – 11 The lathe Schaublin 70, overall view

Threading attachment

Attachment for screwcutting with Schaublin 70 enables the thread milled or cut. Since this device is rare, I made it.

Technical data Lathe Schaublin 70:

Working areas:

  • Height of centres 70 mm
  • Maximum distance between centres 275 mm

Mashine bed:

  • Length 600 mm
  • Height 120 mm

Headstock Typ W 12:

  • Spindel seat for collet shanks W-12
  • Spindle bore Ø 12 mm
  • Maximum aperture for rod Ø 8,2 mm

Cross slide:

  • Carriage: longitudinal/transverse 60/65 mm
  • Largest workpiece-Ø through the carriage of the cross slide:
  • Without rear steel holder 85 mm
  • With rear steel holder 45 mm
  • Height of centres over the cross slide 16 mm
  • Spindle speed max. 4000 rev/min


  • Dividing apparatus, indirect division
  • Threading attachment
  • Vertical slide
  • Spindle holder 35 mm (70-89.010)
  • Lathe faceplate
  • Centering microscope
  • Four-jaw chuck
  • Six-jaw chuck
  • Chuck W 12
  • Toolholder type Tripan
  • Different collets